15 100th Day Dress Up Ideas for School Celebrations

Here are some creative and fun dress-up ideas to celebrate the 100th day of school, making sure your child stands out and feels fabulous!

Time Traveler: Dress As Someone From 100 Years Ago or 100 Years in the Future

time traveler dress as someone from 100 years ago or 100 years in the future

Transport yourself to another era by dressing as if you’ve traveled back or forward in time 100 years.

100 Polka Dots: Wear an Outfit With Exactly 100 Polka Dots

100 polka dots wear an outfit with exactly 100 polka dots

Embark on a stylish journey by decking yourself out in precisely 100 playful polka dots.

Super Centenarian: Dress Up As a Stylish 100-year-old With Props Like a Cane or Glasses

super centenarian dress up as a stylish 100 year old with props like a cane or glasses

Embrace the concept of aging gracefully by embodying a chic centenarian with cleverly chosen accessories and clothing.

100 Stars: Wear a Night Sky Theme With Clothes Adorned With 100 Stars

100 stars wear a night sky theme with clothes adorned with 100 stars

Adorn your outfit with 100 stars, creating a mesmerizing night sky theme for your 100th day dress up.

Century Athlete: Wear Vintage or Futuristic Sports Gear Representing Athletics From Various Decades

century athlete wear vintage or futuristic sports gear representing athletics from various decades

Sport a vintage or futuristic sports look that celebrates athletic fashion trends from different eras in history.

Dollar Rich: Pin 100 Dollar Bills (or Replicas) to Your Outfit

dollar rich pin 100 dollar bills or replicas to your outfit

Add a touch of whimsy to your 100th day dress up look by pinning 100 dollar bills or replicas to your outfit. This idea is sure to make you stand out from the crowd and add a fun and eye-catching element to your ensemble.

100 Patches: Wear an Outfit Covered in 100 Unique Fabric Patches

100 patches wear an outfit covered in 100 unique fabric patches

Create a bold and unique look by covering your outfit with 100 different fabric patches.

100 Words: Shirt With 100 Inspiring Words Printed or Written On It

100 words shirt with 100 inspiring words printed or written on it

Wearing a shirt with 100 inspiring words printed on it can showcase positivity and motivation effortlessly.

100 Book Characters: T-shirt Featuring Images or Names of 100 Book Characters

100 book characters t shirt featuring images or names of 100 book characters

Sport a t-shirt displaying iconic book characters for a literary-themed ensemble that celebrates the magic of storytelling in a visual way.

Mr. or Ms. 100: Create a Sash and Wear a Crown Labeled “Mr. or Ms. 100”

mr. or ms. 100 create a sash and wear a crown labeled mr. or ms. 100

Stand out at the 100th day celebration by donning a sash and a crown labeled “Mr. or Ms. 100” to show off your milestone in style.

Animal Parade: Wear an Outfit With 100 Animal Prints or Small Stuffed Animals Attached

animal parade wear an outfit with 100 animal prints or small stuffed animals attached

Show off your wild side by donning an ensemble covered in a menagerie of 100 animal prints or cute small stuffed animal adornments for your 100th day dress-up celebration.

100 Buttons: Sport a Jacket or Shirt Adorned With 100 Colorful Buttons

100 buttons sport a jacket or shirt adorned with 100 colorful buttons

Dress up by adorning a jacket or shirt with 100 colorful buttons for a playful and unique look.

Puzzle Master: Attach 100 Puzzle Pieces to Your Clothing

puzzle master attach 100 puzzle pieces to your clothing

Transform your outfit into a fun and interactive puzzle by attaching 100 pieces to your clothing.

100 Balloons: Attach 100 Small Balloons to Your Outfit

100 balloons attach 100 small balloons to your outfit

Add a touch of whimsy by attaching 100 small balloons to your outfit, creating a fun and festive look.

100 Smiles: Wear a Top With 100 Smiling Faces or Emojis Printed On It

100 smiles wear a top with 100 smiling faces or emojis printed on it

Spread joy and positivity with a top adorned with 100 smiling faces or emojis. See how many smiles you can bring to everyone’s face on the 100th day dress up celebration.

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