15 Decades Day Outfits Ideas for a Perfect Theme Party

Discover creative and stylish outfit ideas to channel the spirit of your favorite decade on Decades Day.

1920s Flapper Dress With Pearl Necklace

1920s flapper dress with pearl necklace

Capture the essence of the Roaring Twenties with a flapper dress adorned by a classic pearl necklace, epitomizing the era’s liberating fashion and opulent style.

1930s Gangster Suit With Fedora Hat

1930s gangster suit with fedora hat

Channel the illicit allure of the Prohibition era with a sharp suit, tie, and classic fedora, epitomizing the notorious 1930s gangster.

1940s Pin-Up Style With Polka Dot Dress

Capturing the essence of the 1940s, the polka dot dress embodies the classic pin-up allure, complete with playful yet elegant vibes that nod to the glamorous old Hollywood style.

1950s Greaser Look With Leather Jacket

1950s greaser look with leather jacket

Channel rebellious energy and retro coolness with this iconic ensemble.

1960s Hippie Outfit With Tie-Dye Shirt

1960s hippie outfit with tie dye shirt

Embrace peace and love with a vibrant tie-dye shirt, complemented by bell-bottom jeans and a fringed vest, capturing the essence of 1960s counterculture.

1970s Disco Diva With Sequin Jumpsuit

1970s disco diva with sequin jumpsuit

Capture the vibrant spirit of the ’70s with a sequin jumpsuit that shimmers under the disco ball, perfect for a night at Studio 54.

1980s Pop Star With Neon Leggings and Mesh Top

1980s pop star with neon leggings and mesh top

Embrace the bold and vibrant spirit of the ’80s with an outfit that showcases neon leggings and a daring mesh top, a perfect homage to the era’s pop icons.

1990s Grunge Flannel and Band Tee

1990s grunge flannel and band tee

This outfit captures the essence of ‘90s rebellion, embodying the raw, unpolished vibe of the grunge movement.

1950s Soda Shop Waitress With Poodle Skirt

1950s soda shop waitress with poodle skirt

Capture the essence of a 1950s diner with a classic poodle skirt, crisp white blouse, and a dainty apron to embody the quintessential soda shop waitress look.

1930s Dust Bowl Farmer With Denim Overalls

1930s dust bowl farmer with denim overalls

Channel the rugged resilience of the 1930s with a Dust Bowl farmer ensemble, featuring practical denim overalls and perhaps a vintage-style work shirt to genuinely capture the era’s hardworking spirit.

1940s WWII Military Uniform

1940s wwii military uniform

Embodying the valor and determination of the era, the 1940s military uniform brings historical significance and a touch of heroism to Decades Day.

1970s Punk Rocker With Leather and Studs

1970s punk rocker with leather and studs

Embrace the rebellious spirit of the ’70s with a punk rocker ensemble, showcasing a bold mix of leather jackets and studded accessories.

1980s Workout Gear With Leg Warmers

1980s workout gear with leg warmers

Channel the high-energy vibe of the 1980s with vibrant leg warmers, perfect for embodying the decade’s fun and fitness-focused culture.

1920s Great Gatsby Suit With Bow Tie

1920s great gatsby suit with bow tie

Channel the opulence of Jay Gatsby with a crisp suit and classic bow tie, epitomizing the extravagant jazz age.

1960s Mod Style With Mini Dress and Go-Go Boots

1960s mod style with mini dress and go go boots

Embodying the vibrant energy of 1960s London, the Mod style features bold geometric prints and sleek silhouettes, rounded out by iconic white Go-Go boots.

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