15 Family Christmas Outfits for Pictures: Festive Ideas for Memorable Photos

Get ready to steal the spotlight with these creative family Christmas outfit ideas perfect for nailing that holiday photo!

Matching Plaid Pajamas With Personalized Slippers

matching plaid pajamas with personalized slippers

Matching plaid pajamas with personalized slippers add a cozy and charming touch to family Christmas photos.

Coordinated Fair Isle Sweaters and Denim Jeans

coordinated fair isle sweaters and denim jeans

Coordinated Fair Isle sweaters and denim jeans provide a cozy and festive look for a family Christmas photoshoot.

Santa Hats, White Shirts, and Red Scarves

santa hats white shirts and red scarves

For a simple yet festive family Christmas outfit, consider Santa hats paired with white shirts and red scarves.

Winter Wonderland Theme With White and Silver Outfits

winter wonderland theme with white and silver outfits

Achieve a magical and elegant look for your family Christmas photos with white and silver outfits.

Classic Black Tuxedos and Elegant Dresses

classic black tuxedos and elegant dresses

Go for a touch of sophistication with classic black tuxedos and elegant dresses, adding a formal flair to your family Christmas picture.

Red and Green Tartan Dresses and Shirts

red and green tartan dresses and shirts

Dressing the family in red and green tartan outfits adds a festive touch to your Christmas pictures. The coordinated colors provide a cohesive look, perfect for capturing memorable holiday moments.

Cozy Knit Sweaters and Corduroy Pants

cozy knit sweaters and corduroy pants

Cozy knit sweaters paired with corduroy pants add a touch of warmth and texture to your family Christmas photos.

Festive Elf Costumes With Pointy Shoes and Ears

festive elf costumes with pointy shoes and ears

Festive elf costumes add a whimsical and fun touch to family Christmas photos, complete with pointy shoes and ears for a playful and magical vibe.

Velvet Dresses and Suits for a Touch of Luxury

velvet dresses and suits for a touch of luxury

Velvet dresses and suits bring a touch of luxury to family Christmas pictures.

Holiday-themed Graphic Tees and Jeans

holiday themed graphic tees and jeans

Capture the holiday spirit with fun and festive graphic tees and jeans for a casual family photoshoot.

Christmas Sweater Vests With White Collared Shirts

christmas sweater vests with white collared shirts

Pairing Christmas sweater vests with white collared shirts adds a touch of sophistication to your family’s holiday photos, bringing a blend of festive and formal attire that stands out beautifully. It’s a classic choice that exudes a timeless charm for capturing those special moments with a stylish twist.

Nutcracker Themed With Toy Soldier and Ballerina Outfits

nutcracker themed with toy soldier and ballerina outfits

For a unique twist on family Christmas outfits, consider a Nutcracker theme with toy soldier and ballerina costumes. It adds a touch of whimsy and nostalgia to your holiday pictures.

Old-timey Charles Dickens-inspired Attire

old timey charles dickens inspired attire

Get into the spirit of Christmas with Old-timey Charles Dickens-inspired attire.

Onesies for All, in Different Christmas Colors

onesies for all in different christmas colors

For a fun and playful family Christmas picture, consider dressing everyone in cozy onesies in different festive colors. Whether it’s red, green, or white, this matching outfit idea will bring a whimsical touch to your holiday photoshoot. Each family member can choose a onesie that reflects their personality and adds a unique element to the group ensemble. Onesies provide both comfort and a sense of unity, creating a memorable and lighthearted look for your Christmas photos.

Head-to-toe Vintage Style With a 1920s Theme

head to toe vintage style with a 1920s theme

Step back in time with a 1920s-themed family Christmas outfit. Think Gatsby-inspired glamour, flapper dresses, and sharp suits for a vintage twist to your holiday photos. Let your family channel the elegance and charm of the Roaring Twenties with this classic and sophisticated look.

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