15 Winery Outfit Ideas for a Stylish Sip

Get ready to uncork style secrets for your next winery trip, from chic boho vibes to effortless elegance.

Floral Sundress With Wedges

floral sundress with wedges

The floral sundress with wedges exudes a chic and feminine vibe, perfect for a day at the winery. It combines elegance with comfort, making it a versatile choice for wine tasting and strolling through the vineyards. The floral print adds a touch of whimsy and charm, while the wedges provide stability and style for walking on uneven terrain. Overall, this outfit is a great option for a relaxed and stylish winery visit, allowing you to enjoy both fashion and fun in one ensemble.

Off-shoulder Top and White Jeans

off shoulder top and white jeans

An off-shoulder top and white jeans bring a touch of sophistication to a winery outing, perfect for a chic yet relaxed look.

Maxi Dress With Straw Hat

maxi dress with straw hat

A maxi dress with a straw hat exudes a relaxed yet chic vibe for a winery outfit.

Romper With Ankle Boots

romper with ankle boots

Style a chic look by pairing a romper with ankle boots for a trendy winery outfit.

Denim Skirt and Lace Blouse

denim skirt and lace blouse

The denim skirt paired with a lace blouse offers a chic and casual look perfect for a winery visit. It combines the classic denim with a touch of femininity, creating a stylish ensemble that is both comfortable and trendy.

Bohemian Tunic and Leggings

bohemian tunic and leggings

Bohemian tunics paired with leggings create a relaxed yet stylish look perfect for a winery outing. The flowy silhouette of the tunic adds a touch of whimsy, while the leggings offer comfort and ease of movement, ideal for wine tasting and strolling through vineyards. Opt for lightweight, breathable fabrics and earthy tones to enhance the bohemian vibe. Complete the outfit with sandals or ankle boots for a chic and effortless ensemble that is both comfortable and fashionable.

Wide-leg Pants and Crop Top

wide leg pants and crop top

Pairing wide-leg pants with a crop top creates a chic and sophisticated look that is perfect for a day at the winery.

Striped Jumpsuit With Espadrilles

striped jumpsuit with espadrilles

A striped jumpsuit paired with espadrilles is a stylish and comfortable outfit choice for a day at the winery. The jumpsuit offers a trendy look while the espadrilles bring a touch of laid-back elegance to the ensemble. This combination is perfect for walking around the vineyards and sipping wine in style. The striped pattern adds visual interest to the outfit, making it eye-catching and chic. The espadrilles provide both fashion and functionality, allowing you to explore the winery grounds with ease and comfort. It’s a winning combination that blends sophistication with a relaxed vibe, ideal for a day of wine tasting and enjoying the scenery.

Sleeveless Midi Dress and Sandals

sleeveless midi dress and sandals

A sleeveless midi dress paired with sandals exudes effortless elegance and is perfect for a winery outing.

High-waisted Shorts and Ruffled Blouse

high waisted shorts and ruffled blouse

Pairing high-waisted shorts with a ruffled blouse exudes a chic and sophisticated vibe, perfect for a day at the winery. The high-waisted shorts accentuate your waist while the ruffled blouse adds a playful touch to your outfit. This combination is both stylish and comfortable, allowing you to enjoy wine tasting and strolling through the vineyards with ease. The ruffled blouse adds a touch of femininity, while the high-waisted shorts elongate your legs and create a flattering silhouette. Don’t forget to accessorize with statement earrings and a straw handbag to complete the look.

Wrap Dress With Platform Heels

wrap dress with platform heels

A wrap dress paired with platform heels elevates your winery outfit. The wrap dress offers a sophisticated yet comfortable look, while the platform heels add a touch of elegance and style to your overall ensemble. The combination of the two creates a chic and effortless outfit perfect for wine tasting and strolling through the vineyards.

Linen Pants and Tank Top

linen pants and tank top

Linen pants and a tank top make for a breathable and relaxed winery outfit. The lightweight and airy fabric of linen keeps you cool while still looking effortlessly chic among the vineyards.

Pleated Skirt With Chambray Shirt

pleated skirt with chambray shirt

A pleated skirt paired with a chambray shirt exudes a classy yet relaxed vibe for wine tasting at a winery. The pleats add a touch of sophistication while the chambray shirt keeps the look casual and comfortable. This outfit choice strikes a perfect balance between elegant and easy-going, making it ideal for a day of savoring wine and enjoying the scenic views.

A-line Dress With Ballet Flats

a line dress with ballet flats

Pairing an A-line dress with ballet flats creates a chic and timeless look perfect for a winery outing. The dress’ flared silhouette and the flats’ classic design complement each other effortlessly. It’s a comfortable yet stylish combination that exudes a sense of sophistication. The A-line dress offers a flattering shape while the ballet flats provide comfort for a day of walking around the vineyard. This ensemble is a versatile choice that can easily transition from day to night at the winery.

Sleeveless Blouse and Tailored Trousers

sleeveless blouse and tailored trousers

For a polished winery look, opt for a tailored trousers paired with a sleeveless blouse for a sophisticated and refined outfit that balances comfort and style effortlessly.

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