15 Women’s Golf Outfit Ideas

Get ready to level up your golf game with stylish women’s outfits that offer both functionality and flare.

Sleeveless Polo, Skort, Visor

sleeveless polo skort visor

This outfit combines a sleeveless polo with a skort and a visor for a stylish and practical look on the golf course. Perfect for warm days and ensuring comfort and flexibility while playing. The skort adds a feminine touch to the classic polo shirt, while the visor keeps the sun out of your eyes during your swings.

Long-sleeve UV Top, Capris, Bucket Hat

long sleeve uv top capris bucket hat

A long-sleeve UV top, paired with capris and a bucket hat, offers both style and sun protection on the golf course. The outfit provides coverage while keeping you cool and comfortable, ensuring a fashionable and functional look for your game.

Golf Dress, Belt, Sun Hat

golf dress belt sun hat

A golf dress paired with a belt and a sun hat brings both style and functionality to the course. The dress offers comfort and freedom of movement, while the belt accentuates the waist. The sun hat provides protection from UV rays, keeping you cool and focused during your game.

Sleeveless Mock Neck, Khaki Shorts, Snapback

sleeveless mock neck khaki shorts snapback

A sleeveless mock neck paired with khaki shorts and a snapback offers a trendy and sporty look for playing golf. The combination provides comfort and style on the golf course while keeping you cool and protected from the sun. The mock neck adds a touch of sophistication to the outfit, while the khaki shorts keep it casual and functional for a day of golfing. Completing the ensemble with a snapback adds a modern flair to the overall look, making it a fashionable choice for any female golfer looking to stand out on the course.

Knit Sweater, Pleated Skirt, Beanie

knit sweater pleated skirt beanie

The knit sweater, pleated skirt, and beanie combination offers a stylish and cozy look for women on the golf course, blending warmth with elegance.

Zip-up Jacket, Leggings, Baseball Cap

zip up jacket leggings baseball cap

A zip-up jacket paired with leggings and a baseball cap offers a sporty and comfortable look for a day at the golf course. The jacket provides warmth in the cooler weather, while leggings allow for ease of movement. The baseball cap adds a casual touch to the outfit while also protecting from the sun.

Sleeveless Collared Dress, Wide-brim Hat

sleeveless collared dress wide brim hat

A sleeveless collared dress paired with a wide-brim hat provides a chic and sophisticated look on the golf course, allowing you to stand out while staying comfortable and protected from the sun.

Performance T-shirt, Golf Pants, Visor

performance t shirt golf pants visor

A Performance T-shirt paired with golf pants and a visor is a chic and functional outfit for a day on the course. It offers comfort, flexibility, and sun protection while maintaining a stylish look. Perfect for hitting those long drives and sinking putts with ease.

Polo and Vest, Bermuda Shorts, Cap

polo and vest bermuda shorts cap

A polo paired with a vest along with Bermuda shorts and a cap creates a sporty yet stylish look perfect for the golf course. It offers a trendy and comfortable outfit choice for a day of golfing with friends.

Tank Top, Jogger Pants, Headband

tank top jogger pants headband

A tank top paired with jogger pants and a headband offers a trendy and comfortable option for hitting the golf course. The combination allows for ease of movement while keeping you stylish and focused on your game.

Sleeveless Blouse, Golf Skort, Sun Cap

sleeveless blouse golf skort sun cap

A sleeveless blouse paired with a golf skort exudes a chic and feminine look perfect for the golf course, especially when paired with a stylish sun cap.

Quarter-zip Top, Plaid Pants, Golf Hat

quarter zip top plaid pants golf hat

Elevate your golf game with a sophisticated ensemble pairing a quarter-zip top with stylish plaid pants and a sleek golf hat.

Sports Bra, Tennis Skirt, Sweatband

sports bra tennis skirt sweatband
  • A sporty and chic combo perfect for hitting the golf course with style and comfort.
  • Shows off a trendy and athletic look while ensuring you stay comfortable during your game.
  • Gives a fresh and dynamic vibe to your golf outfit, blending fashion and function seamlessly.

Sleeveless V-neck, Culottes, Straw Hat

sleeveless v neck culottes straw hat

A sleeveless V-neck top, culottes, and a stylish straw hat create a chic and comfortable golf outfit. With this ensemble, you’ll feel both fashionable and ready to hit the course in style. The sleeveless top offers breathability, while culottes provide a trendy twist to traditional golf attire. Finish off the look with a straw hat for a touch of sophistication under the sun.

Piqué Polo, Cargo Shorts, Golf Visor

pique polo cargo shorts golf visor

This outfit offers a sporty and casual look for a day on the golf course. The Piqué polo provides a classic and stylish top option, while the cargo shorts offer comfort and functionality. The addition of a golf visor completes the ensemble, adding a touch of flair and sun protection.

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